Genesis of a company

For nearly forty years, fish has been a family business

Founded by Francesco Mobilia in 1984, Mobilpesca Surgelati S.p.A. works and markets frozen and frozen fish throughout the national territory. An experience that has been handed down until today, to build a leading company, a point of reference in large-scale distribution, even abroad. Today, the tradition of fish is combined with the most recent technologies for the protection of the sea and, at the same time, of our tables.

Guaranteed quality

A certificate for Europe

Each department of the supply chain, from the fishing boat to the table, is subject to the strictest rules for the maintenance of food. The Mobilpesca plant, which includes the storage cells, the processing room, the warehouses and up to the commercial offices, responds to the most recent EU regulations in the food sector, to ensure that the fish is not only good, but also safe.

Import Record

Even numbers make us leaders

We mainly work fish caught in EU countries and some products, such as the so-called sliced fish (swordfish, blue shark, wild salmon), we are among the main Italian importers, processors and distributors. Thanks to the new automated portioning lines, liquid nitrogen freezing and glazing with osmotic water, 15,000 kg of the best Italian, European and world fish pass through our hands every day.